The Good Doctor Presented By LSPAC by permission from Concord Thatricals


Our 22-23 Season!

September 2023 - Thin Man Radio Show
October 2023 - Murder Mystery Dinner* TheaterOctober 2023 - Nightfall 

January 2023 - Legends and Bridge
April 2023 - Gilligan's Island the Musical
July 2023 - Theater Academy

*We currently have two performances scheduled - one at the Corbin gallery in Crisfield on October 8 with wine and desserts.  The other will be at the Delmarva Discovery Museum on October 22 with wine and desserts.  Ticket information is forth coming.

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“For a nation torn by civil war, Christmas in the 1860s was observed with conflicting emotions. Nineteenth-century Americans embraced Christmas with all the Victorian trappings that had moved the holiday from the private and religious realm to a public celebration. Christmas cards were in vogue, carol singing was common in public venues, and greenery festooned communities north and south. Christmas trees stood in places of honor in many homes, and a mirthful poem about the jolly old elf who delivered toys to well-behaved children captivated Americans on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line.”

Dr. Costen House Museum, partnering with Lower Shore Performing Arts Company, is proud to present “Reflections on an Antebellum Christmas” A collection of stories and memories from personal journals and articles written during that time.


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Fan of the Arts and History Donation:$10

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Tea time donation: $50 Admission to our spring tea and free access to the museum for the year. Retain your pay pal receipt.


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